Fluttua Bed

Daniele Lago

A bed suspended on a single leg: rectangular or circular, it lends a bit of magic to the bedroom.

Air Bed

Daniele Lago

A design bed that rests on transparent glass legs; can be accessorised with backrests and shelves.

Air Wildwood Bed

Daniele Lago

A bed suspended on glass legs with a wooden headboard, for adding warmth to your bedroom.

Colletto Bed

Nuša Jelenec / LAGO STUDIO

Thanks to the soft ring around its entire perimeter, Colletto is a design bed that is as comfortable as a nest.

Vele Bed

Andrea Leoni / LAGO STUDIO

A modern bed for keeping everything within reach: the headboard integrates numerous support surfaces.

Frame Bed

Daniele Lago

A modern bed that unites the lightness of glass with the warmth of the Wildwood frame.

LagoLinea Bed

Daniele Lago

A bed for furnishing kids’ rooms and children’s rooms. Dreams encircled by a single line.

LagoLinea Weightless Bed

Daniele Lago

This suspended LAGO bed seems like a tree house and creates loads of extra space in children’s rooms.

Cloud Bed

Daniele Lago

A suspended bed, like a nest in the clouds. Designed for children’s rooms, it creates an intimate space that shelters their dreams.

Gizmo Bed

Daniele Lago

A corner bed, perfect for furnishing small rooms where the bed cannot be placed in the middle of the room.


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