Coloured Cupboard with table for living room
White Cupboard 36e8 Living
Bicoloured Lacquered Cupboard
Light Blue Cupboard System
Coloured Cupboard 36e8 system living room
White 36e8 Cupboards Living Room
Brown Lacquered Coloured Cupboard
36e8 coloured System for living room
Black Cupboard for Living Room
White Bicoloured Cupboard
Lacquered White Cupboard Living
Coloured Cupboard Television Stand
Modular Furniture for Kitchen and Living Room
White Cupboard Detaile
Cupboards 36e8 for the living room
Living Room Bicolour Cupboards White and Grey
Lacquered Cupboard for the entrance
Stand Tv Set pink and green
White Cupboards for the living room
36e8 Storage to decorate the living room
Design Cupboard to decorate the living room
Bathroom design piece of furniture
Bathroom Vanity 36e8

36e8 System- Daniele Lago, 2003


A patented design for all areas of the home or office

A modular system based on the square

The 36e8 module was the first building block of LAGO design: a 36.8 cube that revolutionised the language of the design industry, giving individuals the opportunity to design in full freedom.

The 36e8 system is based on this selfsame square module and its

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A patented design for all areas of the home or office

A modular system based on the square

The 36e8 module was the first building block of LAGO design: a 36.8 cube that revolutionised the language of the design industry, giving individuals the opportunity to design in full freedom.

The 36e8 system is based on this selfsame square module and its multiples and submultiples, providing a way of arranging wall storage in unusual patterns, whether figurative or abstract, and offering countless options for design-oriented storage.

It is a storage revolution that translates into extreme flexibility and freedom on the wall, where even voids become storage space.

The 36e8 system is perfect for living areas and kitchens, bathrooms and storage areas, master bedrooms and children’s rooms as well as offices and other workspaces.

With 36e8 Storage, everyone can design their own space, combining modules of different sizes, finishes and colours to create the compositions that best suit one’s taste and needs.

Thanks to the essential design and extreme modularity of the system, any design solution that you come up with will have an effective and appealing formal balance.

Available versions:

  • 36e8 Weightless Storage
    The 36e8 Weightless storage unit uses the ceiling as a wall attachment and creates an extreme suspension effect. You can design surreal landscapes within your home, conceive room dividers and save space.
  • 36e8 Wildwood Storage
    The success of Wildwood inspired LAGO to develop new interpretations of this material, presenting, this year, the Wildwood front for the 36e8 system. The Wildwood 8-cm thick top can be used for 36e8 containers as well as for buffets and chests of drawers.
  • 36e8 Side Storage
    In 36e8 Side Storage one of the sides of the container is painted a different colour than the others, creating fresh, elegant compositions. Both the side and the front can be differentiated.
  • 36e8 Glass Storage
    36e8 Glass is an all-glass 36e8 container that creates effects of surprising lightness and transparency.
  • Air MadeTerraneo Shelf
    The Air MadeTerraneo Shelf is covered with hand painted ceramic with regular or irregular edge. Six colormoods are available to furnish both elegant and colourful rooms.
  • Air Wildwood Shelf
    The Air Wildwood Shelf is made of oak and it can be combined with the 36e8 System, to add the warmth of wood to contemporary rooms. Each shelf has texture variations that make it unique.


1 square module, 32 colours and no limits to your creativity.

36e8®. Create, you can.

Strong points




Timeless design

The container is a perfect solid from every angle: free of handles, it is an absolutely clean design. Its formal simplicity makes 36e8 a design that stands up to changing fashions and can be easily paired with a wide range of decorative styles.

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Interior lacquer

Quality needs to extend all the way to the most hidden corners of a design. LAGO containers are lacquered in exactly the same way inside and out. The internal lacquering of our containers is one more sign of the product’s excellence and the company’s desire to surprise, even in areas of the design that are not immediately visible.

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No handles

Being truly different is in the details. The containers open thanks to an elegant groove created by the glass or moulded into the lacquered door, which lends the design peerless formal purity. The absence of handles means the absence of superfluity.

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An infinity of compositions

The 36.8 square module is the result of a mathematical intuition that offers an infinite number of ways to interpret space and limitless functions.

Practical and customisable

The 36e8 system offers a wide selection of open containers and containers with glass, lacquered wood, Wildwood or mirrored doors. One can choose from among a variety of opening mechanisms: hinged, transom or shutter, with either a pull or push/pull mechanism. The containers can be customised with internal shelves, drawers, baskets and cable organisers for dealing with the needs presented by modern technology.

Integrates with other systems

36e8 Storage can solve storage problems in any area of the house and integrates perfectly with LagoLinea Shelf, which has the same spatial paradigm, and the Slide Shelf bookcase.


Depth and durability

The glass used for the container doors lends depth of colour and dynamism to the design, changing along with the lighting conditions. Not only aesthetically moving, this tempered glass also resists scratches and cracks and is easy to clean.

Develop your creative potential

The modules of the 36e8 system are like building blocks that you can play with to create a space that mirrors your taste. 32 colours, 8 widths and 3 depths to combine however you like. Everyone can thus be the designer of their own living space and experience the deep satisfaction of creating a custom space and starring in their own Interior Life.

45° joint

Attention to detail makes the 36e8 Storage system ready to withstand the test of time. The 45 degree aluminium joint makes the corners of 36e8 containers even stronger and makes it possible to mount the modules both vertically and horizontally. It is also a guarantee of the originality of a product in which many other companies have found ‘inspiration’.


The allure of lightness

Mounted on the wall, 36e8 seems to challenge the forces of gravity. Ultra-lightweight, it transforms the void of the wall and the spaces between modules into aesthetic elements, design components and storage space.

A square module

The square module is the result of a bold intuition, an absolutely innovative approach with respect to traditional modular systems (which are based on rectangular shapes). This means that everyone can arrange them according to their own personal poetics.


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