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36e8 Kitchen- Daniele Lago, 2009


Winner of the 2009 Good Design Award

16 registered patents

The 36e8 Kitchen is designed to lighten up the perception of bulk common to traditional kitchens. This lightness emerges from the same design approach used for the 36e8 Living system, which is based on the 36.8 x 36.8 cm square.

It is a revolutionary design, which breaks away from the

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Winner of the 2009 Good Design Award

16 registered patents

The 36e8 Kitchen is designed to lighten up the perception of bulk common to traditional kitchens. This lightness emerges from the same design approach used for the 36e8 Living system, which is based on the 36.8 x 36.8 cm square.

It is a revolutionary design, which breaks away from the standard kitchen dimensions of multiples of 15 or 30 cm.

The 36e8 Kitchen is a modular kitchen unlike any other: the containers, whether positioned horizontally or vertically, can be composed infinitely on a hypothetical grid (36.8 cm x 36.8 cm and 18.4 cm x 18.4 cm).

Thanks to the 36e8 module, home storage is no longer dictated by built-in appliances (45 or 60 or 90 cm). This translates into enormous compositional freedom. Anyone can freely express their own personal creativity, choosing containers, depths, finishes and colours.

With the square module, which is absolutely atypical in kitchens, you are freed from rigid compositional patterns and can create surprising volumes and shapes. The result is a new aesthetic language, which lets you cover the kitchen walls with unusual designs like trees, clouds, lobsters and abstract figures.

This innovation lets personal creativity run free. You are the one who creates your kitchen, choosing containers, depths, finishes and colours. You are the designer.

The 36e8 Kitchen system is divided into three macro areas: suspended cabinets, base cabinets with various countertops, and larders, which can house a fridge and Smeg and Miele appliances.

Two larders are available for the 36e8 Kitchen: the 36e8 Column and the N.O.W. Larder. Both were designed to be integrable with appliances.

The components of your design kitchen:

Base cabinets
Suspended cabinets

36e8 kitchen is a patented product for kitchens with a design edge


Strong points




A safe kitchen

The 36e8® meets European Safety StandardEN 14749, having passed numerous tests conducted at CATAS – a certified testing laboratory and research and development institute – including general safety testing and tests involving static loads on surfaces (tops), resistance when loaded with hanging elements and opening drawers with a jolt.

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Built around the people who use it

The 36e8®Kitchen developed out of the idea that design needs to be in the service of people, meeting both practical and emotional needs. Special attention has been dedicated to the ergonomics of the 36e8 Kitchen, through research on the work triangle, surface modularity, height and depth of base cabinets and suspended cabinets, ergonomic distances.  Both the base cabinets and the suspended cabinets can be positioned to the millimetre, to meet ergonomic needs with precision.

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Large suspended volumes

LAGO has subverted traditional ways of thinking, designing a kitchen that can be suspended on the wall or supported by glass legs. It is a revolutionary approach that privileges lightness and confirms the 36e8 Kitchen’s load-bearing capacity and shock resistance. Thanks to the boldness of our search for different solutions for the kitchen area, we were able to create extreme suspensions, like those of the LagoLinea Weightless cabinets or cantilevered containers that let you suspend large surfaces without needing any kind of wall or floor support.

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Design that stands up to the test of time

The clean lines of the 36e8 Kitchen make it a timeless design that can be adapted to a range of interior design styles. Even the handles are invisible, made of a thin line that makes them disappear.

Free, customised design

C-shaped, U-shaped, L-shaped kitchens, kitchens with an island or peninsula, a single straight line or a double one. Using the available modules, you can create infinite compositions according to your needs. The special modularity of the 36e8® kitchen also lets you set it up in any kind of space, even a really small one.

Integrable with other systems

The 36e8 Kitchen is perfectly integrable with the LagoLinea system, for meeting a wide range of spatial and budgetary needs. With LagoLinea Weightless you can create stunning kitchen islands with cabinets that come down from the ceiling.

The advantages of a suspended kitchen

The 36e8®Kitchen can be entirely suspended from the wall or supported by glass legs. Suspension gives a cleaner aspect to the space and kitchen itself and is optimal when a floor heating system is used, as it does not block heat circulation.

Water-based paint

Both the glass and the wooden panels are painted with solvent-free, water-based paint. This way, there are nonoxious volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into the air.


A personal alchemy of materials

Wood, glass, paint, Laminglass, quartz and steel Any of these elements can be combined to create the kitchen of your dreams. The 36e8 Kitchen can be configured in countless combinations. Each material offers its own unique benefits in one of the areas of the house we put under the most stress: the kitchen.

Lots of accessories

The Lago kitchen effectively meets the needs of cooking, offering customised ergonomic solutions. The kitchen accessories, usually hidden away, are made with fine materials, including wood, and help rationalise space. Cutlery holders, spice holders, dividers, plate holders, containers, baskets, cutting boards and bins are just some of the accessories we offer for the base cabinets of LAGO kitchens.

Child-proof kitchen

The 36e8 Kitchen features a range of characteristics that make it safe and less prone to domestic accidents involving children: the oven can be integrated with the column and hidden away, making it less accessible, the base cabinets, suspended cabinets and columns are handle-free and so do not tempt children with hand-holds, and the wall mounting system can withstand up to 250 kilograms.


Easy-to-remove doors

The doors of the 36e8 kitchen cabinets are easy to remove. This innovation makes it easy to renewthe look of your kitchen over time.


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